Product Details

Product #: BAIRVG1500

Vantage Lgr 1500 Blue 7a/76ppd

The Vantage 1500 dehumidifier combines compact and rugged design with the professional performance needed to get the job done.

The VG-1500 was not designed to reinvent the dehumidification process using patented technology inside its units or to revitalize appearances by miniturizing the overall construction and components inside. Affordability, dependability and performance have continued to be the needs for conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers. The Vantage 1500 was built to simply work hard and outperform its contemporaries. In doing so, the VG 1500 simply is the best dehumidifiier in its class.

User-friendly contro ls and an automatic condensate pump-out allow for the ease and unattended use. Standard with its large semi-pneumatic wheels and angled rigid handle, maneuverability and transport is easy and effortless as well.

Volume:  1