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Product #: HM000-087-034-1

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PneuLube PneuLube synthetic oil from Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems is specifically blended to tackle your toughest rotary blower applications. As a result of his specific proprietary formulation, PneuLube can be utilized in low temperature as well as high temperature ambient conditions, providing a single, all-purpose lubricant for any rotary blower application. Extended Oil Life The special formulation of PnueLube quadruples oil life expectancy as compared to conventional mineral oils, requiring fewer oil changes and allowing for longer maintenance intervals. Superior Performance PnueLube is formulated with synthesized hydrocarbon fluids and selected additives to provide superior resistance against oxidation, and maximum protection from wear rust, corrosion and foaming. PnueLube provides unsurpassed thermal and oxidation stability as well as increased protection from viscosity loss as compared to conventional mineral oils. The viscosity index of the product provides higher viscosities and greater film strength at higher temperatures and lower viscosities at low temperatures for minimum friction and better lubrication than other synthetic blower lubricants on the market today.

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