About Us

All-Care Distributors started in 1980.   Ernie Lombardi and Jim Quinn (Founders) originally started cleaning carpets in 1973 under the name Carpet Care. They went from a single truck company operation to a five truck company operation. Seeing that there wasn't a place to get their equipment serviced or get supplies besides Denver, Co., they decided to start a distributorship for Steamway International called New Jersey Steamway Distributors in 1980. Ernie got away from carpet cleaning to focus on the distributorship. The first people they hired were Ernie's father (Ernie Sr.) to repair and service the equipment and Ernie's mother (Claire) to help with the office.


In 1984 New Jersey Steamway Distributors moved to a 3000 sq ft building.

The distributon business grew to the point that Jim need to get off the carpet cleaning truck to help the distribution business with office and sales.


In 1990 they grew out of the 3000 sq ft building and moved to a 10000 sq ft building. With the move and more room they took in other manufacturers besides SteamWay. At this point in time the name was changed from New Jersey SteamWay Distributors to All-Care Distributors.


With the added room and additional manfacturerers, more service personnel were needed. At this point in time Ernie's sons (Steve and Scott) came onboard to help.


In 1996 the service department grew larger. All-Care Distributors took on an additional 2000 sq ft of the building that was leased out to another tenant when they moved out and reloacted the service department there.



In 2004 All-Care Distributors needed more room so a 4500 sq ft addition was added to ensure the demand.

In 2010 Jim retired.

In 2012 All-Care Distributors added an Online Store

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